The Emerge scarf Orginal  is a scarf made out of high-quality white silk with a black silkscreen illustration.   

The scarf can be personalized by dyeing it with your own flowers with a so called flower bundle technique. Included with the scarf you will receive an easy to follow instruction on how to dye the scarf with your own collected flowers. You will also get a number of selected ingredients that will guarantee a beautiful dye-result. Every scarf will be a unique one of a kind piece after the dyeing treatment with flowers.
Of course the scarf can also be left in the original state, if that’s your preference.

A part of the proceeds will go to research on Breast Cancer among young women between 18-35 years.

• Material: 100% high quality silk
• Illustration: 14 moon cycle
• Square scarf: 100 x 100 cm. €129, –
• Rectangle scarf: 60 x 190 cm. €149, –
• Delivery time: on request
• Delivery costs not included
• You can order a scarf by sending an email to: info@ilfasiebenhaar.com

This is part of the Emerge project.
Awareness about Breast Cancer among young women.

The images below are a a representation of how the results can be after dyeing the scarf with flowers. All orders come with a white scarf with a black illustration of 14 moons. For the floral dye: use the easy to follow instructions which is included with the scarf.